You can use mosses and plants textures for your projects’s visualization. Please, find the download link below.

In our work with designers and architects, we place great value on high quality, fair payment in the value chain, sustainable products as well as passion and attention to details. At Phytowall, we have made it our mission to make interior spaces greener and bring nature to houses. Because green walls improve the feeling of space, reduce the noise level and create a natural, pleasant ambience. Today, the Phytowall’s focus is on green design objects made from genuine, care-free and 100% naturally preserved plants and mosses.

Feel free to choose the greenery that suits you best: Greenhill moss, Flat Moss, Island Moss, Preserved Flowers and Trees. The combination possibilities of colors and shapes end up being limitless: walls, framed or frameless pictures, logos, implemented in classic, hi-tech whether modern style. Works could be installed on the walls, floors, columns. Elements could be hanged in the air. Do you wish to have wall greenery? Feel free to explore our site in order to research for additional information. You can contact us, so we can provide you with examples of our materials.