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100% Natural preserved moss
0% Maintenance indoor garden
No artificial lightnecessary
Green wall doesn’t need to be wateredNEEDED
Efficient sound absorption

All natural preserved moss and plats

The green revolution in interior design

Phytowall offers a wide range of custom designed Garden Installations for Interiors created using all Natural Preserved Plants. These long-lasting, Maintenance-free Gardens require no water, misting or irrigation, no sunlight, and no soil, but retain a vibrant, fresh-cut look and feel up to 15 years.

Phytowall practices with a passion for bringing your green design aspirations to life. Our mission is to elevate the spirits of others by bringing ‘Maintenance-free Nature’ to Interiors.

Phytowall offers a wide range of integration options from vertical mounting to ceiling or horizontal installations including creation of custom shapes or logos — with design options from traditional to contemporary, to vertical gardens.

  • 100% Natural Preserved Plants;
  • Maintenance-free;
  • No artificial light, watering or fertilization necessary;
  • Easy installation;
  • Sound-absorbing;
  • Natural indicator for the room air humidity.

Our meticulous fabrication and installation processes ensure that gardens flow naturally and seamlessly in and with their new environment, and our team work closely with clients to deliver the art of preserved nature in a boutique setting.

  • 100% Natural preserved moss
  • 0% Maintenance indoor garden
  • Green wall doesn’t need to be watered
  • Efficient sound absorption

Our works


Map of Estonia.

Material used: Iceland moss.

The map of Estonia in a modern and comfortable office made of bright green Iceland moss combined with other interesting interior elements looks amazingly beautiful. A rich deep green tone of moss on a white background attracts attention and allows you be in touch with nature.

Designed by Phytowall

A. Le Coq Arena Levadia VIP lounge

Wall with plants in VIP-lounge of football club "Levadia" in A. Le Coq Arena.

Materials used: flat moss, stabilized plants.

Project came up within cooperation of the designer Olga Kond. Luxuriant wall of preserved plants in the combination of different grey and black elements’ shades in the interior of VIP- lounge delivers a luxurious place for football fans and allow them to enjoy favorite game with pleasure.

Backlight: Spot-lights.

Designed by Olga Kond.


Geometrical green panels.

Materials used: Iceland and flat moss.

Decorating walls of Tartu University`s IT center`s lobby geometric panels are made in natural green tones and had appeared in collaboration with the architectural and design studio Arhitekt 11 which has created the interior design project. The developed concept made it possible to harmoniously unite virtual world creators with the real nature.

Disainer: Disainer Arhitekt 11


Geometrical green panels.

Materials used: Iceland and flat moss.

The green plant wall in the new BITWEB office in Tartu is a great example of the capabilities of our materials. Thanks to the collaboration with the architect Eva May Syrmus a wonderful green waiting and relaxation area was created for office workers and clients. This project is another example of well-designed interior elements and the right light, which emphasizes the juiciness of green colors of plants and mosses.

Designed by Eva-Mai Sõrmus

More Projects


Through natural conservation the plants are kept permanently beautiful. In an exchange process, the water in the plant is replaced by glycerine and the chlorophyll by food coloring. As they are 100% natural products, they are completely biodegradable, so apart from being economic, they are also completely ecological. The harvest is done by hand. The same applies to the pre-sorting of the plants. Only plants that meet the highest quality standards are used for further processing. The conservation process, patented decades ago, therefore does not require any chemical substances. Due to the loving handwork, each of our products is unique.