Cork panels – Corkwall

Corkwall is 100% natural material. Only cork of the branches (falca) is used for the manufacturing of cork granules. These block clusters are made in an autoclave. This process is 100% natural with no additives included.

This technology was developed by Sofalca and consists of injecting water vapor through pellets that expand and agglomerate with the cork's own resin. This “cooking” also gives the cork a dark chocolate color as a result.

A biomass which is obtained from cleaning and milling of the falca branches is used for the production of steam. This makes the production truly environmentally friendly, waste-free and with 95% energy self-sufficiency.

Cork is a super-material, which offers a huge range of advantages, because in addition to being an excellent thermal, acoustic and vibration isolator, it is also a CO2 absorbing material, what plays a key role in the environment.

  • 100% Natural
  • Acoustic and Thermal insulator
  • Water and Fire Resistant
  • 100% Hypoallergenic

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